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We offer top-quality cutting tools.








Our entire technological process offers the possibility of producing individual pieces or high-volume production.

The tools are produced on the most modern CNC machines, which are part of the most advanced technology, raising production to the level of a laboratory process.

High-performance cutting tools are adapted to each material and have a long lifespan.

The cutting edges of PKD tools can be processed by grinding, laser processing, or electro erosion to the final product.

The integrity of the technological processes enables us to choose the best technology for designing tools according to the customer's wishes.

Laser processing

With the most advanced laser technology, we achieve exceptional product quality. The sharpness of the cutting edge is below 1 μm, and the roughness of the processed surface is less than 0.3 (Ra<0.3).

The technology offers unlimited geometric possibilities, and we can process tools with a diameter from 2 mm up to 285 mm.

If necessary, we can also make 3D breakers on the cutting surface, ensuring a higher quality of your products.


We produce most of the tools from carbide hardness using grinding technology.

They are made with the latest technology on 5-axis CNC machines.

The processing of cutting tools by grinding is suitable for both standard and profile tools.



Erosion is a technological process in which the processing of the product enables direct electrical energy action. The condition for processing by this method is the conductivity of the material.

In some cases, this is the best solution for producing diamond tools. 






All tools produced by us undergo intermediate and final dimensional controls.

We check the quality of the cutting edge before deployment.

We guarantee high quality for all our products.

Our production process allows 100% series control.

The product is equipped with a measurement certificate that ensures top quality.


Our competitive advantages


From desire to solution within 24 hour

We offer a short response time from inquiry to offer.

Production with modern technology

Our products are produced on the most modern CNC grinding machines.

Consulting on processing technology selection.

We help you find a powerful and economical solution for your requirements.


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