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We offer top-quality cutting tools.



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The hardness of the material elevates the quality of your tool.

The alloys we use in making our tools belong to the category of super hard materials and are close to natural diamond in hardness. They provide exceptional precision and wear resistance.

The materials from which we make cutting tools are key to your success in use. They provide exceptional performance and long-lasting value, especially those made from super hard materials that have exceptional abrasion resistance.

We manufacture cutting tools from various grades of carbide hardness, PKD, CBN, and MCD.


Precise and durable rotating tools that, together with your knowledge, bring excellent results.

Rotating cutting tools are made with the latest technology on precision CNC machines. With nano-composite coatings, we achieve longer durability and accuracy in each use.

Our rotating tools are mainly used in the metalworking industry, on CNC machines.

Our tools ensure that you will achieve top results every time, in accordance with the requirements of your customers. With a wide selection that includes various tools of our own brand and brands that we represent, we can provide a comprehensive solution for all your processing processes.

Wide range of dimensions of machining rotating tools

We offer our customers a wide range of dimensions of purpose-made rotating tools; from 2 to 285 mm in diameter. We also check the possibility of off-the-shelf products from our partners such as Kennametal and the others.
Guaranteed high precision of rotating tools

The sharpness of the rotating cutting edge is less than 1 μm, and the roughness of the machined surface is less than 0.3 (Ra <0.3). Due to the precise sharpness, our tools are intended for industries where the perfection of the cut is of great importance.
Solutions for the entire processing process

Our comprehensive approach to our customers includes assistance in choosing technology, tool technical drawing production, and improvement development. With our many years of experience, we can provide top results right from the start of cooperation.







All tools made by us are subject to multiple controls, which take place both during production and at the end of production.

We check the accuracy of the cutting edge before the casing.

We guarantee the highest quality for all our tools.

Upon agreement, we also offer 100 % series control and certification.

Controlled tools are equipped with a measuring certificate that guarantees top quality.



Frequent questions

Who are rotating cutting tools intended for?

Our rotating cutting tools are primarily used in serial metalworking production, where precision and durability of tools are crucial. Rotating cutting tools include tools that rotate during their use and create individual cuts or drills. They are divided into the following product lines according to the type of tool: drills, milling cutters, boring tools, countersinks, and reamers.
Where can rotating cutting tools be used?

Our tools are designed for use on numerically controlled machines (CNC). Due to their precision, our clients are mostly from the metalworking industry.
Which technology do you use in the production of rotating cutting tools?

The tools are manufactured using the most advanced technology on precision 5-axis CNC machines. The cutting edges are precisely rounded before coating for longer durability and then coated with Oerlikon Balzers' nanocomposite coatings.
What are the prices for manufacturing rotating cutting tools?

As part of the development of rotating tools, we always strive, and mostly succeed, to make the price of a rotating cutting tool per machined part as low as possible.
How long does it take to manufacture a rotating cutting tool?

The manufacturing time depends on the individual project, and urgent orders are also possible, but this needs to be coordinated in advance with our sales team. The regular manufacturing time in our company is around 3 weeks.
What is the process of ordering a rotating cutting tool?

After the order, we create a precise tool plan and send it to the customer for approval. Then, the manufacturing begins, and the customer receives the ordered tools in approximately 3 weeks. In urgent cases, the customer can receive the tools in a few days, for which an additional 20 % of the price is charged. Sometimes, we also manufacture tools "overnight".
Is it possible to obtain a test tool before ordering?

This is also possible, especially in very specific cases. However, our rule always applies in such cases: Payment after successful testing.



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Our competitive advantages


From desire to solution within 24 hour

We offer a short response time from inquiry to offer.

Production with modern technology

Our products are produced on the most modern CNC grinding machines.

Consulting on processing technology selection.

We help you find a powerful and economical solution for your requirements.


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