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We offer top-quality cutting tools.



cutting tools




Non-rotating cutting tools manufactured to the highest quality standards.

We manufacture our non-rotating cutting tools using the most advanced technology, supported by years of development experience.

For our customers, we can manufacture tools from various materials, achieving longer lifespan and high precision in use. They are mainly used in the metal processing industry on numerically controlled machines (CNC).

All tools manufactured in our company provide top results in line with the requirements of our customers. We produce custom-made tools or use high-quality tools of renowned international brands to supplement our product range.

Unlimited geometric possibilities

When designing tools, we are not limited by standard shapes, so we can provide top results even with certain non-standard geometric shapes.
Manufacturing of tools from carbide hardness and other high-hardness materials

Our materials used for tools belong to the category of superhard materials and are almost as hard as natural diamond. They provide exceptional wear resistance.
A wide range of applications for our tools

Our precision machining tools meet the highest demands in the automotive, aviation, electro-mobility, and metal processing industries. Due to the material's hardness, they provide a long lifespan and high precision.




All tools made by us undergo multiple checks, both during production and at the end of production.

Before cladding, we check the accuracy of the cutting edge.

We guarantee the highest quality for all our tools.

Upon agreement, we also provide 100 % serial control and certification of the same.

Controlled tools are equipped with a measurement certificate that guarantees top quality.



Frequently asked questions

How does the process of ordering non-rotating cutting tools work?

First, we determine the shape, type, and material from which such a tool will be made. Then a plan is made. After the plan is approved, we start manufacturing. Usually, for such tools, a joint meeting with the customer is necessary to obtain all the necessary details for the construction of the cutting tool.
Can we also obtain a test tool before ordering?

This is also possible, especially in very specific cases. However, in such cases, our rule applies: Payment after successful testing.
What do I need to order non-rotating cutting tools?

For the first order, it is necessary to prepare a technical sketch of the tool with our technicians. After the production of the test series, the process of reordering is very simple. To reorder or place a new order, please contact us, and based on the type of tool, we can prepare new quantities.
Is it possible to refurbish an existing tool?
To a greater extent, we can restore existing cutting tools to their original state, and if this is no longer possible, we can also check the possibilities for upgrading them to restore their functionality. In the case of restoration, the tool is re-sharpened and coated with a hard coating.

In addition to restoration, we can also test and certify the tool according to the agreement with the customer.



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Our competitive advantages


From desire to solution within 24 hour

We offer a short response time from inquiry to offer.

Production with modern technology

Our products are produced on the most modern CNC grinding machines.

Consulting on processing technology selection.

We help you find a powerful and economical solution for your requirements.


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