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We offer top-quality cutting tools.



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Custom cutting tools represent 94 % of our production. 

The largest part of our production consists of non-standard cutting tools, which are made for the specific needs of a known customer and are an area we are very proud of, as it includes our long-standing knowledge and expertise from past projects.

High-quality custom cutting tools Cajhen are adapted to individual projects, with which we achieve high efficiency and improve the competitive advantage of our customers.

In the development of custom tools, our mechanical engineers design tools that enable high durability and precision in their operation.

In addition to regular development of such tools, we also offer the possibility of 100 % control and submission of measurement protocols of our cutting tools.

Using the latest technology

Our products are produced on the latest CNC machines, with which we have raised production to the level of a laboratory process. By using various machining technologies, we provide precision for each manufactured tool.
Short response time from project takeover to the first offer

Responsiveness at Cajhen is taking on new dimensions. Less than 24 hours pass from the time of inquiry to the final offer received by our new or regular customer. With this kind of responsiveness, we support Slovenian and foreign high-tech companies.
Possibility of certifying individual tools and 100 % quality verification

When making a custom tool order, we carry out the appropriate laboratory measurements, based on which we issue a certificate of conformity for each individual piece. Upon agreement, we can also perform 100 % verification of each tool.







All tools produced by us undergo multiple controls, which take place both during production and at the end of production.

Before coating we check the accuracy of the cutting edge.

We guarantee the highest quality for all our tools.

Upon agreement, we also offer 100 % batch control and certification.

Controlled tools are equipped with a measurement certificate, ensuring top quality.



Frequently asked questions

How does the production of custom cutting tools work?

Regarding the specific machining – together with the customer, we determine all the important characteristics that a particular cutting tool for a specific machining process must achieve. Our mechanical engineers then design the cutting tool (drill, step drill, milling cutter, profile milling cutter, combined tool, reamer ...), and together with the sales team, prepare an offer and send the customer solutions within 24 hours. The customer receives an offer and a commercial plan for the tool.
What does the process of ordering custom cutting tools look like?

If the customer already has precise information (can also be a technical drawing), we can prepare an offer based on their wishes. However, if the customer is looking for a solution for a specific production process, our team of engineers, together with salespeople, prepares a technical drawing and an offer in 24 hours.
Can you modify existing cutting tools?

In our company, we also deal with the modification or improvement of existing cutting tools, with which we can achieve a longer tool life or improve its performance.
Renewal of dedicated cutting tools?

To a greater extent, existing cutting tools can be restored to their original condition, but if this is no longer possible, we can also check the possibilities of modification to restore them to a usable condition. In the case of renovation, the tool can also be recoated with a hard coating after sharpening.

If necessary, renewed tools can be supplied with measurement protocols.



Special offer

Together with our sales representatives, we have prepared a selection of the best offers from our sales program.


Our competitive advantages


From desire to solution within 24 hour

We offer a short response time from inquiry to offer.

Production with modern technology

Our products are produced on the most modern CNC grinding machines.

Consulting on processing technology selection.

We help you find a powerful and economical solution for your requirements.


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