Cajhen acquired many new busines partners during its period of rapid growth while retaining the old ones thus pushing up steeply the number of loyal customers. Notably on the markets outside Slovenia with 30% of our products and services sold in other countries, for example Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Russia, the United Kingdom, Spain, Finland, Portugal, Honduras, Austria and countries of the former Yugoslavia with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Crotia at the fore.

The major part of production is sold on domestic market where we have won the trust of major corporations and renowned Sloveian enterprises. This includes tool makers, automotive industry, foundries and other companies with large-scale serial production. Constant tehnological improvements as well as introduction of new programmes and tools enable us to provide complete satisfaction to our costumer in all aspects, from quality of cutting tools and services to competative prices nad fast deliveries.

"Good wine needs no bush" as the saying goes.

It is true. Despite our constant presence on the market we are often surprised by an approach by a future bussiness partner, who wants to learn more about aour products and servicing and work with our company.